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Combine the power of MyFeelBack and Trustpilot

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Florian rond


"Our partnership with MyFeelBack represents a real added value to Trustpilot. This way, we enable our users to deploy a stronger customer satisfaction and knowledge strategy!"

Florian Delage, Senior Partner Channel Manager - France, Trustpilot 

Identify your customers' profiles
thanks to collected data
MyFeelBack questions your customer at every stage of their journey, on any channel. Feed your decision making and enrich your business tools with the data collected.
Send them to Trustpilot
to leave a verified review
 Thanks to the MyFeelBack + Trustpilot connector, trigger the return to Trustpilot at the best moment in the customer journey!
Get more verified reviews
and stars
Collect more verified reviews and use them in your digital strategy (Google Ads, product pages of your website, social networks ... )

Like millions of users, you can rely on Trustpilot

73 million
reviews collected
330 000
evaluated companies
reviews and ratings
Top 20
most visited sites in the UK

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